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I’ve Ruined My Thyroid

Went for the follow up with my doctor today, to check on how my thyroid and iron levels were doing.  A bit of history:  Hubby and I are trying to conceive, and the doctor said my iron was way too … Continue reading

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And With That, Summer is Half Over.

It’s July 31.  It is unbelievable to me how fast time goes by as an adult compared to as a child.  Loving school, I enjoyed the first few weeks of freedom but quickly moved on to wishing I were back … Continue reading

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I am Not Your Competition

Originally posted on Fat to Fit:
? Ladies, I love you. I am not your competition.  You are not mine.  It is not my goal to be better than you, smarter than you, faster than you, fitter than you, funnier…

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Got on the scale this morning to a disappointing slight rise in weight, even though I have been exercising.  Then I realized that regardless of what the scale says, I feel thinner and my muscles feel stronger.  So today, I … Continue reading

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Wine Not?

Good morning, ether-dwellers. Saturday night was interesting.  The ladies in our neighbourhood had a wine night, and I discovered that although I thought I didn’t like red wine, I indeed do.  I just needed to find the right taste.  Also, … Continue reading

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Testing Willpower

Tonight will be my first real test of willpower this week.  My mum is coming over and we’re making a dish for dinner that involves chicken, broccoli, curry, noodles, and a fatty sauce that just won’t quit.  SO yummy.  The … Continue reading

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Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day

I screw up a lot of the time. My temple is in large disarray – physically, spiritually, mentally.  I do and say the wrong things more often than not.  I hurt the people around me when I don’t mean to.  … Continue reading

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