Outdoor Exercise

Turns out my outdoor lunchtime walk is 3.7 km.  For about 5 minutes I felt impressed that I can do it, but then I remembered the people running/jogging/biking around and I felt discouraged again!  Keeping your thoughts centered on comparing you to yourself (and only yourself) is quite difficult.  There are some pretty darn fit people out every lunchtime, and it can get discouraging watching them all zoom by.

What I need to do is find one that looks like I would look if I were fit and slim, and secretly take a picture of them.  Not creepily, haha, just to use as inspiration to know that some day I could look as awesome as that person.  Or, find a website that has indexed celebrities by their stats, so I can input mine and it tells me I will be shaped like Jennifer Lawrence.  Or someone else awesome.  As long as it’s not Paris Hilton.

There used to be an awesome avatar creator on the internet where you could see your cartoon’s size change as the weight changed, but it has been out of commission for a few years now.  Too bad, it was fun to play with and pretend for the future.

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