Sleep Makes All The Difference

I woke up this morning with hope and determination.  Everything always looks different in the morning! 

I’m working on a “resurfacing” plan for myself.  I use “resurfacing” in two ways.  The first is like coming up for air.  I’ve been drowning myself in food and laziness, and I feel like the real me is hidden underneath all my weight and sadness.  The second is in the way you would talk about repaving a road.  I’ve let myself get cracked and blemished, and I know I can present a far more polished me to the world.  My outside doesn’t match my inside.

I’ve got this far with my Resurfacing Plan:

  • Daily lunchtime walk either through Calgary’s +15 loop, or on the outdoor paths if the weather is nice.  The +15 loop is 2.8 km, and takes up 2/3 of my lunch hour.  I’m still mapping the outdoor paths.
  • I have compiled a list of exercises, including sports, classes, and gym machines.  I’m hoping that it will give me inspiration to keep moving.  If I don’t feel like using my elliptical at night, I can look at the list and pick something else.  It’s just a matter of getting my arse up after dinner – once I’m going, I don’t want to stop and waste my gym clothes after only 10 minutes!
  • I’m back to keeping my food diary – fell off the wagon for awhile, but I find it’s super helpful if I have to be honest with myself and keep track.
  • My view on food has shifted.  I’m looking at all the food choices I’m making, and making sure that I’m making the best choice I can be.  I also have a little checklist of the various food groups and how many I’m aiming for in a day – if I find by dinner I’m lacking in a certain set, I’ll try and up that ingredient and lower the others.  So far, I’ve noticed that I’m usually over in dairy and proteins.

I need to keep reminding myself that food is fuel, and nothing more.  It’s the people and the events that truly make life enjoyable – keep focused on them instead of the food.

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