The Beginning

It’s funny how when you’ve tried to lose weight as many times as I (and others) have, you do things like take “Before” pictures and all sorts of other tools to “make sure I’m going to succeed this time”.

Here are some “Before” pictures I took last October.  I’m still the same weight.

224 Jacks Oct 2013   224 Front Oct 2013   224 Side Oct 2013224 Back Oct 2013

As I can still use them as “Before” pictures, I’m stoked and looking forward to posting some progress and “After” pictures!

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4 Responses to The Beginning

  1. Kait Mauro says:

    I’m excited to see you “After” photos as well but make sure you also focus on loving and accepting yourself as you are AS you work to change. 🙂


    • sagelit says:

      This time I’m (so far) focused on how every day of doing exercise and eating healthy is making my body feel. My muscles already feel more used, and my tummy feels less full all the time. I’m really going to cherish the small changes so that when I reach my goal I will remember every one of those reasons to not gain again.

  2. Adria says:

    Sadly, I can use my old before pictures too… And really, almost from any weight! (I suck like that).
    Here’s to us never needing before pictures again!! (For real this time) 😊

  3. Even though you are overweight in the pictures, what I see in them is a very well proportioned body. You have a very nice shape and if these pictures are any indication you know how to dress it.
    Good luck in your weight loss journey.

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