Testing Willpower

Tonight will be my first real test of willpower this week.  My mum is coming over and we’re making a dish for dinner that involves chicken, broccoli, curry, noodles, and a fatty sauce that just won’t quit.  SO yummy.  The willpower part comes with the whole “not eating more than 3 stomachfulls”.  It’s so good that I could keep eating it until I die.

Here’s the gist of it, only we have with noodles instead of rice:


I don’t think it will be as hard for me as it has been in the past.  Maybe I’ll throw some extra veggies on the side of my plate to leave less space for the yummy badfood(tm).

Edited to add:  I’m also going to have it on a small plate, like this picture.  That will also help.

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3 Responses to Testing Willpower

  1. That really does look enticing!

  2. exactlyerin says:

    You’re awesome! You got this! Let me know how it tastes! 🙂

  3. sagelit says:

    Oh man, it’s always fabulous. We’ve been having it since I was a child, I just made some modifications to make it slightly more healthy than it was 20 years ago, haha… I did manage self-control and we didn’t do dessert!

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