Wine Not?

Good morning, ether-dwellers.

Saturday night was interesting.  The ladies in our neighbourhood had a wine night, and I discovered that although I thought I didn’t like red wine, I indeed do.  I just needed to find the right taste.  Also, red wine and chocolate is amazing.  White is still my favourite though.  It goes down easier, and I like it far colder than red is supposed to be served.  I just don’t find it refreshing when it’s warm.  I’d rather drink water!

I spent yesterday getting stuff done around the house and relaxing.  My husband was working and studying, so I just puttered while he did so.

Looking forward to a week of health and wellness, with tons of water splashed in for good measure.

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7 Responses to Wine Not?

  1. Kait Mauro says:

    Tons of water is always a good idea. I like reading these little life updates from you.
    Kait 🙂

  2. sagelit says:

    Heh, we don’t lead much of an interesting life, but it’s nice to know there are people out there!

  3. Same with me, I spent years thinking Red Wine was disgusting and then realised that the first I’d tasted had not been a good one, I love fruity reds from Southern California the very best, I find the French a little too vinegary for me even the good ones.

  4. Adria says:

    Once I get passed the initial “eww” shiver, red wine always goes down good… And I have to say (hopefully without sounding like a total lush😏), that there is no buz quite like a red wine buz… Ahh yes, good times lol…

  5. What kind of wine? I always feel unclassy when I order a beer, haha.

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