Got on the scale this morning to a disappointing slight rise in weight, even though I have been exercising.  Then I realized that regardless of what the scale says, I feel thinner and my muscles feel stronger.  So today, I move forward in eating well and continuing to exercise, and I remind myself to “Just keep swimming… just keep swimming”.  That number doesn’t get to dictate my life anymore.  How I feel in my skin and in my clothes is really key.

Also, I’m not a mindless eating machine:

Just keep swimming!

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4 Responses to Setbacks

  1. I agree. I used to get frustrated with the scale, but my clothes were less tight. I weigh myself once a month now, and use how I feel and how the clothes feel as an indication of my progress.

  2. britpark7 says:

    I always get frustrated with the scale. Like my trainer says don’t watch the scale if you are loosing inches that is more important then lbs. The lbs will come down eventually 🙂

  3. I weigh myself once a week because the scale can be a huge, lying A. 🙂

  4. sagelit says:

    I’m at about twice a week right now, and even that is driving me batty. I’m in a Biggest Loser group at work so I might just go down to those weigh-ins and that’s it. They’re every two weeks.

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