I’ve Ruined My Thyroid

Went for the follow up with my doctor today, to check on how my thyroid and iron levels were doing.  A bit of history:  Hubby and I are trying to conceive, and the doctor said my iron was way too low.  Thyroid stimulating (not thyroid hormones itself) hormones were too high, but production was fine.  He put me on extra iron and thyroid hormone, in the hopes that with enough thyroid hormone, the body would not make the thyroid itself work so hard to create it.

Turns out that after a slight drop a few months after beginning the hormones, it has spiked way back up and the levels of output have also dropped.  Now he’s sending me for an ultrasound to see if there’s anything wrong with the thyroid itself.

He assures me that my weight would not CAUSE such problems, but that it could be a side-effect of the irregularity.  I find that hard to believe, as I’ve heard all my life that being overweight can cause such issues and losing weight will help.

I’m going to go for the tests and keep an eye on it, but mostly it was just a depressing reminder that I really do need to be serious about this losing weight issue.  Before now it has been almost a back-burner issue, but I need to bring it to the forefront and crank the heat.  My life could depend on it.

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4 Responses to I’ve Ruined My Thyroid

  1. I hope everything turns out ok.

  2. I wish you the best! Meanwhile …tones of patience

    • sagelit says:

      Haha, the patience part is not normally my forté. I figure now that I’ve turned the corner and decided to not be fat anymore, it should just all go away. Like ants and poison.

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