ten tips for conquering hunger the Old Bag way

We are not baby birds…

Talking to Myself Again

Hunger is the inevitably consequence of losing weight… or rather, to phrase it differently (because you should) FEELING LESS FULL. The Old Bag knows that if you eat less you are hungrier, unless you curl up in a heap under your duvet and hibernate – which is quite attractive by the end of October. The old bag would consider this, incidentally, if there were enough Russell Crowe films to last till February, but there aren’t and that’s the end of it.

So do you have to feel starving in order to lose weight? NO. Not starving.

But hungrier than you are accustomed to feeling.

There is a big gap between true hunger and being absolutely stuffed to the eyeballs.

Think of it as a wide space between the two. You need to step a little way from stuffed towards hunger. Go on, STEP.

The Old Bag has come to…

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