Is a Good Attitude Considered an NSV??

Last night I did the first day of my elliptical plan, and it almost killed me. 

I had to pause so many times to catch my breath, and I almost fell down the stairs later because my legs were so weak.  I’m not whining, this is a great thing. 

It has been a very long time since I have come out of any exercise feeling like I had kicked my own arse.

This was me, during cooldown. I could hardly stand.

The funny thing about it is that after my shower and collapsing on the couch exhausted, I looked at my exercise plan and saw that tonight is “Dance/weights” and squeaked with happiness.  “I get to dance tomorrow!”

^^ Truthiness.

Sometimes a good attitude and finding things that you LIKE to do makes all the difference.

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2 Responses to Is a Good Attitude Considered an NSV??

  1. This is soooooo true! I’ve found that pushing yourself has so many rewards and doing things that you enjoy makes a huge difference to sitting aimlessly on an indoor bike for hours. I also find that changing my exercise really helps, so like you I have a dance night to look forward to. This is great advice.

    • sagelit says:

      You’re right about the variety too. I find my muscles get used to a certain exercise pretty quickly, so I have to mix it up to keep losing. Thanks for your comment!

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