How’s August Going?

July 31st, I posted the following as my August goals:

“So on that note, here are my short-term goals for August:

     End August weighing less than 212 pounds

     Weekdays:  Lunchtime walks and evening exercise, each minimum three times a week

     Weekends:  Minimum of one major exercise session

     Organize my recipe cards and make one new recipe each week (habit-forming, I hope)

     Sleep 7 hours a night

Now, how to keep this list handy to continually remind myself??”

It’s now just past halfway through August, so I’ve been wondering how I’m doing so far. 

  • I’m only at 219 in pounds, so I’m thinking the 212 isn’t likely to happen.  It could, but I’m not super hopeful. 
  • I’d say the exercise goals have been approximately 50% successful, including a bout of sickness last week. 
  • The recipe cards are about 10% done, and the new recipe goal completely untouched (so far). 
  • I’d say the most successful goal has been the sleep – most nights so far I’m able to hit 7 hours, though there have been a few of 5 and 6 depending on the schedule.  So rank that one 80% successful.

As much as I’m less than impressed with my progress (so far), I like making these goals.  Now that I’m healthy and back at the grind, I think the exercise goals will come up more successful by the end of August.

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One Response to How’s August Going?

  1. I like making goals, too, I think. I made them for August, and I actually stuck with one of them (to blog every day). The other one (be under 200 lbs, not so much), but that’s okay!

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