Maybe by Aniqah Zowmi

An amazing view of numbers and who you are (or aren’t!)

X Culture Magazine

Because maybe you wear a size 1, similar to your one, unique mind, that can create worlds anduniverses that have never before been conceived.

Maybe you wear a size 2, because you have two perfect eyes to take in the wonders around you, two exceptional ears to complete the picture, and a million little moments for you to appreciate the beauty that has all laid itself out for you.

Maybe you wear a size 3, like the three points on your chin that artists use as a guideline when they are sculpting masterpieces, the chin that opens to reveal words that you say not as an offhand comment, but words that are plucked from the very essence of your soul, and reveal thoughts even deeper than that.

Maybe you wear a size 4, because there are four main chambers in the heart that biologists would assert don’t let you feel…

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