An Odd Weight-Loss Program?

Get pregnant.  (I kid… I kid…)

I know it won’t last forever, but I’m down in weight since conception and continually going lower.  My thought is that maybe my body already has enough “padding” to protect the child, so with eating well and not eating garbage, it’s shedding anything unneeded.  I’m not going to complain.

I am finding the fatigue a little much though.  I’m falling asleep at 7:30 if I stay on the couch after dinner (not the norm for me), and it’s exhausting to be up working on things after a full work day.  I decided that keeping moving is much better for me and bubs than sitting still napping though, so I’ve been keeping myself busy around the house until 8:30 so that I fall asleep by bedtime.  I can’t wait for this part to end – I hate feeling exhausted for any reason.

August’s goals were partially successful.  I’ve been walking on my lunch fairly often, and walking at night in our neighbourhood.  I haven’t been on the elliptical since I found out, but I’m hoping to remedy that this week/weekend.  Eating right has been A-OK except for one slipup with a piece of cake (1″x2″ – thought I was doing well until I realized the balloon on top was fully icing.  2 inches of icing, 1.5 inches tall.  And I ate it anyway, then felt sick.)  My cookbooks are still in progress, as I need to move my printed paper recipes to proper cards.  I did manage to purge any recipes we hadn’t ever used, or that we didn’t like, so that’s a start.

Hope September is off to a good start for you all.  Happy Labour Day (har har).

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3 Responses to An Odd Weight-Loss Program?

  1. Again congratulations on being pregnant.
    I haven’t read your goals for your recipes, but, I wanted to share with you what I did with my recipes. Well, for one, I have a ton of electronic ones in my laptop which I can load up anytime I want to make one.But what I have done with my recipes that are on a sheet of paper or magazine. I went and got a nice binder and picked up some page protectors. I just slip the pages inside the protectors and presto, instant recipe book.
    I travel between my moms house and my own house and that recipe book travels with me when I do., It has my favorite recipes that are too long to memorize and all my homemade products.

    • sagelit says:

      Thanks for the advice! My mom used to have a nice binder, but I think she lost hers. It made me wonder how she managed to bake anything since she came out here, and she told me she’s just been guessing 😦

  2. I hope that you don’t mind, but I’ve nominated your blog for an award. Please don’t feel obligated to participate:

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