The Liebster Award!

While I was off playing in Vegas, The Archibald Files (Mother of Dragons) nominated me for the Liebster Award.  This award is for new bloggers with less than 200 followers. It is a way to have your blog thrown out into the giant universe that is the world wide web.  Thank you, Mother of Dragons, for the nomination!

My blog started as a weight loss and health progress update report, mostly to keep myself accountable.  Along the way I collected some awesome supporters who helped keep me on track and enthusiastic.  Then, BAM!  Preggers.  FINALLY.  So the blog has morphed a bit to contain a little of everything going on in my corner of Alberta.

Here are the Official Rules for accepting the Liebster Award:

  1. Answer the questions given and then come up with 10 new ones to ask your nominations.
  2. Nominate 8 other blogs, let them know you have nominated them and put a link to their blog in your post.
  3. Link the Liebster Award photo in your blog post.
  4. No Tag backs.
  5. Nominations must have under 200 followers.
  6. You must tell all the blogs that you have nominated them.

Here are my answers to the questions I was asked.

What would you do with one extra hour in your day?

Exercise.  Since becoming pregnant, I’m exhausted and I haven’t been making time to exercise.  I’ve been focusing on getting sleep and eating well, which is OK, but isn’t enough when you’re still as overweight as I am.

What does your ideal home look like?

I totally misread this question.  I live in my ideal home, now!  The only thing missing is a pool, and that’s because I live in a place where summer is spotty at best, and non-existent at worst.  Actually, having a pool table would be fab too.  I don’t think we’ll ever get that chance though!

Who is your favourite Simpson’s character and why?

I wasn’t allowed to watch Simpsons when I was a kid/teen, so I don’t know them all really well, but as an adult when I caught some of the reruns I liked Ralph Wiggum.  Happily stupid and definitely misunderstood.

What is your go-to outfit when you just can’t be bothered?

Stretch pants!  I can clean in them, sleep in them, bike in them, shop in them, and if I had my way, I’d do everything in them.  They’re just so soft on the legs (I have dry skin) compared to any other form of pant.

Where and with who was your first-kiss?

We were in my friend’s pool playing Truth or Dare, at about 9 years old.  It’s weird to think that he has now passed away.  He was killed in a vehicle rollover at about 23, and it was a very sad time for our classmates.  Odd, how life turns out when you’re not looking.

If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why?

You know, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Hollywood crowd and their lack of achievements when it comes to the real world, so my “heroes” as they are would be more real people.  There are so many that I would love to meet, and in fact, I may just get the chance soon!  We have an event at work coming up where Antonin Scalia, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is coming to be our guest speaker.  I can’t wait to hear him speak, and maybe we’ll even get to make his acquaintance!!

Do you prefer boobies or bum?

Both?  They symbolize different things, so I can’t pick one over the other 😛

What is your favourite recipe to cook?

I love LOVE making a delicious dessert that just looks beautiful.  I never mastered the art of making dinner look beautiful, so baking it is.

Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?

Dogs.  Cats are smug and bipolar.  They attack you for no reason.  Slightly psycho, all of them.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Scarlet.  I had a bunny named Scarlet O’Hare when I was a kid, and I’ve always loved that character.

The next set of questions I would like my nominees to answer are as follows:

  1.  What is one of your favourite quotes?
  2.  If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
  3.  What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
  4.  What is something you learned in the last week?
  5.  Sugar or salt? Explain.
  6.  What chore do you absolutely hate doing, and why?
  7.  If you could throw any kind of theme party, what would it be for?
  8.  What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received?
  9.  If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
  10.  As we’re on a blog site – Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

I would like to nominate the following people:

You have each helped me get on my way, and I love seeing updates from you. ENJOY!!!  I look forward to reading your answers!

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