Ever Thankful

… and with that, Thanksgiving is over.

  • Everyone in our world now knows about the pregnancy.
  • Our house was full of people eating food and laughing, and it was the most amazing feeling.  Makes me want 8 kids and many grandkids when I get old.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  For those in the US, are you a fan of Columbus Day?  We have been hearing some unrest about it on our news, so I’m wondering how many people are actually unhappy with the day, or if it’s just the media hype as usual?

I came in to a lot of emails and much ado at work – we have 1 week until our big gala, and every turd in town is hitting the fan.  Hopefully we’ll make it through it without a whole lot of mishap.

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2 Responses to Ever Thankful

  1. Media hype as usual. I visited my family this weekend and there was a Columbus Day parade that pretty much shut down the city. From what I could see, Columbus Day was alive and well in Boston.

  2. det-res says:

    Yup didn’t hear much of unrest in my city either. Congrats on the pregnancy. Happy thanksgiving to you too!

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