Holy wow! It’s almost November!!

Guys!  Guysguysguys!!  It’s almost November.  I woke up this morning, finally feeling caught up and back to normal after the psychosis that was our Gala at work, and realized it’s almost Halloween and almost November.  Good lawd.

I haven’t even had time to log in and read anything, let alone write my own updates.  It has been nuts.  Our Gala was fantastic, it was a crazy night but it went off fabulously.  Too long in the speeches, I have to say, but that’s government for you.  Our guest speakers were awesome, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Justice Rothstein, is the funniest guy I’ve seen.  Pulls off deadpan until the punchline really well.

I hope you are all doing well.  Baby bub and I are headed into week 15, and I’ve finally gained a pound!  WOO!  I really was starting to worry for a little while with the continual losing.  The queasiness has finally disappeared, and now I’m just HUNGRY all the time.  My goal for the coming month is to increase my water intake.  During the first trimester water made me feel ill, so I fell really far down with how much I was drinking.  Now I feel better, so I have to get back up to where I was before conceiving (at least a litre a day, or more if I can get it down).  I noticed the other day that I was literally down to 1/2 cup a day, and that’s terrible for both of us I’m sure.

Have fun getting ready for Halloween and all the awesome costumes that arrive each year.

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