Teaching Humans to Care For Their Young…?

We went to our first prenatal class last night.  It was quite good, the educator was able to answer most questions that came up, and her cheery demeanour made us all a little more comfortable.

The only thing that popped into my head though was how sad is it that we need people like her to be teaching us to care for our young?  I know, not everyone does, and how much hubby and I will take from this course I don’t yet know.  I know more about children, their care and first aid than he does, so I’m hoping he’ll get something out of it.  It just made me realize that back in the day we valued the older women of our society enough to take our lessons from them.  Yes, some we probably shouldn’t have (eating rabbit during pregnancy will give my baby rabbit ears), but much of their knowledge and experience is what got us to this place and is what they are teaching us now.  Not the technical medical stuff, but the more touchy-feely part of it.  The public health offices are truly valuable resources (especially for those doing this on their own, or with a less than supportive partner), it just made me lament how little involvement older people now have with the process, except as a hand-holder and a comforter.

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One Response to Teaching Humans to Care For Their Young…?

  1. I found the most valuable part of the prenatal courses was what to expect. Even with the knowledge and training, I was a mess with my kids. No one could hold them or feed them quite as good as I could, or so I thought. I was THE most overbearing dad you could imagine.

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