Here’s me, in a nutshell:

  • 33 years old, 5’5.5″ tall, started losing weight (again) at 224 pounds.
  • At 19 I was the fittest I had ever been, and could spend hours in the gym.
  • Now I can’t jog to save my life.  It hurts –  my legs and butt bounce.  You wouldn’t believe it.
  • I’m still pretty strong and can walk for a very long time, but just don’t make the time most days.

Here’s where I want to be, in more than a nutshell:


  1. 215 pounds
  2. 200 pounds
  3. 170 pounds (Pre-wedding!)
  4. 150 pounds
  5. 135 pounds (At 12 I weighed 142.  So unhealthy.)


  1. Jog 2 minutes
  2. Jog 5 minutes
  3. Swim 10 consecutive laps at the pool
  4. Successfully complete Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred
  5. Successfully return 30 consecutive tennis balls to my husband.


  1. Size 12 capris – I wore those on my honeymoon, so that’s the start of it.
  2. Enlist in a class at the local gym, and STICK WITH IT.
  3. Break addiction to sugar.  I’ve quit smoking, I can do this.
  4. Find 4 activities that I really love participating in, and make them a regular thing.
  5. I own 20+ cookbooks – use them at least twice a week to make new dishes.

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