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Aaaaand do it again, and again, and again…

How many times can you fall off the cart and get back on before you realize you need to get a seatbelt and stay put?? 16 months after the birth of my son, and some futile efforts to lose weight … Continue reading

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Our New Trees Survived Snowtember 2014!

If you haven’t heard about the weather in Alberta, Canada, you won’t know what I mean.  Take a second to look up “Calgary weather” on your favourite search engine, and you’ll see what’s been going on up in here. CRAZY! … Continue reading

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An Interesting Development

So it turns out that there may be a far more interesting explanation for my exhaustion and “not feeling it” of the last few weeks. More later today, as I know more! #Vaguebooking

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Is a Good Attitude Considered an NSV??

Last night I did the first day of my elliptical plan, and it almost killed me.  I had to pause so many times to catch my breath, and I almost fell down the stairs later because my legs were so … Continue reading

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Your Temple Isn’t Just Your Body

I was reminded yesterday that the focus to “tidy your temple” can’t be on just your body.  My relationships and habits need a lot of work too.  How do you know how to be a good spouse when you grew … Continue reading

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True Emotional Eating

I dropped the ball a little today.  Maybe more than a little, but not as badly as I have at some points in the past. I had to go for my thyroid ultrasound today, to investigate the problems that have … Continue reading

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I’ve Ruined My Thyroid

Went for the follow up with my doctor today, to check on how my thyroid and iron levels were doing.  A bit of history:  Hubby and I are trying to conceive, and the doctor said my iron was way too … Continue reading

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