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Aaaaand do it again, and again, and again…

How many times can you fall off the cart and get back on before you realize you need to get a seatbelt and stay put?? 16 months after the birth of my son, and some futile efforts to lose weight … Continue reading

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Your Temple Isn’t Just Your Body

I was reminded yesterday that the focus to “tidy your temple” can’t be on just your body.  My relationships and habits need a lot of work too.  How do you know how to be a good spouse when you grew … Continue reading

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True Emotional Eating

I dropped the ball a little today.  Maybe more than a little, but not as badly as I have at some points in the past. I had to go for my thyroid ultrasound today, to investigate the problems that have … Continue reading

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Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day

I screw up a lot of the time. My temple is in large disarray – physically, spiritually, mentally.  I do and say the wrong things more often than not.  I hurt the people around me when I don’t mean to.  … Continue reading

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The Beginning

It’s funny how when you’ve tried to lose weight as many times as I (and others) have, you do things like take “Before” pictures and all sorts of other tools to “make sure I’m going to succeed this time”. Here … Continue reading

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Outdoor Exercise

Turns out my outdoor lunchtime walk is 3.7 km.  For about 5 minutes I felt impressed that I can do it, but then I remembered the people running/jogging/biking around and I felt discouraged again!  Keeping your thoughts centered on comparing … Continue reading

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Sleep Makes All The Difference

I woke up this morning with hope and determination.  Everything always looks different in the morning!  I’m working on a “resurfacing” plan for myself.  I use “resurfacing” in two ways.  The first is like coming up for air.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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